Illuminate your Path Journey

Illuminate your Path Journey

This coaching journey combines the most heart-centered elements of my coaching style and leads women over the age of 18 through a six stage process to allow a deeper connection to self, intuition and values.  Each step could take one or many sessions depending on your pacing/needs/desires.  This is probably best suited for someone who knows they need to make a change but is not sure what, when or how. For someone who is feeling uncertain and disconnected from themselves and their intuition. 

The Six Stages:

Prepare: Create a safe and sacred space for the work ahead. This often involves identifying and acknowledging strengths and values.

Reflect: Honor your story and experience. This can take many forms and is a key step in the process.

Release: Lean into the messy middle of your life and move into your heart to access and release the emotions tied up in your story.

Connect: Explore ways to form a connection to your highest self.  Many clients use the tools of validation, self-compassion, and mindfulness at this stage in their journey.

Integrate:  Begin to create or deepen daily gratitude or other heart-based practices. Clarify your values, and acknowledge values conflicts and other elements that might get in your way as you move ahead.

Reflect: Where is your new connection to your intuition telling you to go now?  What is the path that is illuminating ahead of you?

Sometimes one journey around the wheel is enough, sometimes, it opens up another path, and we go around the wheel again.

This is a fully custom-to-you package that may include:

The Investment:

$400 per month

Billed every 4 weeks or on a set monthly date by arrangement