Heather Liv Melver

Intuitive Moon
Oracle Reading?

Why an Intuitive Moon Oracle Reading?

As the Moon moves through Her phases she offers us the space to honor our story and illuminate our path.  If we choose, any of us can work with the energies of the Moon.  We can ask for guidance or seek clarity.  The Moon has been offering wisdom, keeping time and lighting our paths for millennia.  All we need is to seek.  The rest She provides.

Which Moon Phase Reading is right for me?
I encourage you to choose what most aligns with the Wisdom you are currently seeking:

  • New Moon Reading (3 cards): A time for new beginnings and setting intentions
  • Waxing Moon Reading (4 cards): A time to be working toward your goals or intentions
  • Full Moon Reading (3 cards): A time of culmination, climax, release
  • Waning Moon Reading (4 cards): A time to let go ♥︎

Who Is an Intuitive Moon Oracle Reading for?
Anyone who is open to receiving the Wisdom the Moon holds for each of us.


Is this a live reading?

No.  Because of the way I work with your energy in meditation, building an altar especially for you and incorporating both your personal Astrology and current Moonology into the Oracle Reading, it is not live.  There are too many moving parts and the downloads and uploads come over an extended period of time.  

I start working with your energy the moment you commit to the reading.  I then run my own copy of your natal chart and research how the stars are aligning with the Moon during this time for you.  Once that piece is complete I create an altar/sacred space to meditate on your energy and what the Universe has to tell you during this time.  Finally I pull a series of cards from my Moon Oracle deck and discern the messages from the Moon for you during this time.  

This process takes days and can’t be done justice in a live setting.

There IS an opportunity for a live chat after you have received your reading and have had time to integrate the messages.

If it is not live how does it work?

All I need from you is enough information to calculate your natal chart to help guide my reading.  Understanding your Sun, Moon, (and especially Rising) sign can help us to reveal what a specific Moon phase, at a specific point in the Astrological year is illuminating for you.  

You can choose to ask a specific question, or just seek a better understanding of how to work with the particular energy of the Moon as it relates to the particular energy of your Spirit. 

All the information I need can be provided on this simple form: Click here.

After that the Moon really does all the work.  We just have to be open to receiving.  

Practically speaking once I receive your form responses I will:

  1. Calculate your Natal Chart to better understand your unique relationship to a specific Moon.
  2. Meditate on your energy and any questions you may have for the Moon.  I follow a specific ritual to enter this meditative space and connect with your energy wherever you are in the world.
  3. I will then pull 3-4 cards from my Moon Oracle Deck and intuit the insights the Moon holds for you at this time.
  4. I will use any downloads from my mediation, and insights from the card reading to create a bespoke digital reading for you with the following: 
  • 1 page general insights specific to your natal chart and the specific Moon we are experiencing 
  • 1 page of insights and a photo for each card that I pull from the deck for you
  • Full Moon and New Moon Readings will have 6 pages total.
  • Waxing and Waning Moon Readings will be 7 pages total.
  1. You will receive this in an email along with an invitation to set up a 30 minute follow up call to answer any lingering questions you might have.


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