Transformation in Transition

I support women and teens in transition through change: relationship, relocation, school, recovery, health, work, family, personal goals...

I provide Life Coaching to Women and Teens in Transition. Something in their life is changing and they need support, maybe a relationship, or they are moving, starting a new school,  or changing jobs or careers. Maybe their children are grown and moving away, they have a new health, mental health or developmental diagnosis,  or they are caring for a parent, partner, friend or child in one of these situations. I help shift to embracing the season of change and being truly present in the moment in order to fully explore what comes next, without being held back by the past. 

Let’s get to know one another…

My biggest strength is an ability to connect with my clients where they are at and walk with them through the messy middle of their journey. We all want to get from point A to point B. But the gaps, the empty space between, that is where the magic happens if we let it. That is where the path forward unfolds.

They say the cracks are where the light gets in.
But, what if, for me
the cracks are where my light breaks free?

Hands made calloused and strong by the work of love
crack open my chest reaching
into the beautiful mess.

They wring out my heart
the light seeping through fingers
running down wrists.

It puddles and pools like molten gold.
Like embers in a fire I nurture its glow.
My holy breath bringing the flame of light to life.

Kindling the Divine within me,
the flicker becomes a beam
breaking through the cracks in my armor.

Bursting forth.
Into my life.
Into the world.

Endlessly expansive and embodied all at once.
The exquisite pain of it becomes my joy.
My healing becomes the world’s healing.

Perhaps this is my work after all.

-Heather Liv Melver

Work with me
Minding the Gaps Coaching Discovery Call

We will spend this Free Discovery Call getting to know each other better and making sure you have all the information you need to decide if 1:1 coaching is the next right step on your journey!

Minding the Gaps Coaching 1:1 Coaching
This space is for you to mindfully explore where you are on your life journey and cultivate a clear picture of where you want to be. We will work together to find the magic in the “messy middle”. One small change at a time.
Teen Group Coaching/Peer Support

Change can be difficult to navigate. Normalizing the fact that you are not the only one experiencing change can be a huge help. Join me and other teens experiencing change for a weekly Group Coaching/Peer Support Call.  Please sign up for a Discovery Call before booking so we can decide if Group Coaching is right for you.

Women Group Coaching/Peer Support

Community and Connection help us to feel seen and held. Join a weekly Group Coaching Call to build peer support for your transition in a safe space.  Please sign up for a Free Discovery Call before booking so we can decide if Group Coaching is right for you.

Want more support? Connection and Community?

Join the Minding The Gaps Facebook Group for more direct support from me, and to build a circle of other women around you who really get it. (This group is currently for women and those who identify as women only, teen group coming soon in another format.)

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