I am Heather Liv Melver

and here is my story…

A life shaped by transition:

If there is one thing that has been consistent in my life it has been change. For so long I fought it, tried to control it, protect myself from it, plan my way out of it.  But if you are reading this you know sometimes that just isn’t possible.

Whether planning for an international move, heading off to boarding school or college for the first time, transitioning careers or relationships, coming to terms with your identity as a third culture kid or global nomad, and more,  I connect with my clients where they are at and walk with them through the messy middle of their journey. I compare it to letting go of one trapeze bar and soaring through the air before you grab on to the next.  It can feel like a leap of faith, but it can also feel like flying.

Let’s get to know one another…

Because all humans have a need to feel safe, worthy, and connected I incorporate mindfulness into my own daily practices. I encourage my clients to consider it as a way to ground themselves during these periods of change. 

I bring years of academic training in Clinical Social Work and practical experience as a School Counselor, my own lifetime of transitions and caregiver experiences, training and certification as a Professional Life Coach, and a unique ability to connect with and support the people I work with.

Continuing education is important to me. In addition to my current certifications I am pursuing a Teachers Training in TSD Mindfulness, am in training as a SheRecovers Coach, and am working becoming International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach.


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