Heather Liv Melver

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Life is a series of transitions. Season to season, moon to moon, relationships, work, health, age…

We live in a constant cycle of change and flux.

What if the rhythms and cyclic nature of change could actually open a door of connection to your deepest wisdom and intuition?

What if, when faced with change you could tolerate, accept and even surrender to the uncertainty rather than living in constant activation of fight, flight or freeze?

What if these transitions are the opportunity the Universe is giving us to transform into our highest selves?

As women, managing the ever-shifting demands of life can feel like a balancing act.  We walk a tightrope trying desperately to keep all the balls in the air and avoid any missteps.  

Inevitably, just as we find our footing, the Universe sets something directly in our path (relationship ends, someone near to us gets sick, difficulties in our career, chronic illness, depression, financial issues, or just a flat tire) and we lose our equilibrium and start that work of finding our precious balance all over again.

You may be wondering why this keeps happening. Wondering how long you can live life constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop?

I want to provide a safe container for you to take a leap of faith and step off of the tightrope

Together we can create a new narrative and illuminate your path forward.  If there is anything change teaches us it is that life is not a straight line.  It is more like a series of circles and spirals creating the opportunity to” pass through” similar experiences and create new meaning for ourselves with each and every turn of the wheel.

It is a letting go and a leaning in.  


If you are ready to lean in and let go simply schedule a connection call to get started: